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2018 Winter League Updated 12/6/2017

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Registration is now open for the 2018 Winter Basketball League!

Registration closes January 15th. League play runs January 29th - April 10th

To register, fill out and submit below:

Team Form       Free Agent Form

 Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs Updated 7/11/2017

Registration FAQs

What are the league dues?

League dues are $680/team, or $640/team if your team participated in the immediate previous season.  You can also receive a $40 discount if you pay your team's dues in full prior to the season tip-off (which would mean $640 for new teams or $600 for returning teams).

The dues are irrelevant of number of players per team, so the captain will likely divide the total amongst the number of player he or she has.  If you are in need of free agents, their fee is $75, and they are required to pay their fee prior to being placed on a team.  If a free agent joins your team, their dues will be deducted from your total team fee.

What nights are the games played on?

We have games running Monday thru Thursday night.  Normal nights will consist of four games, scheduled every 50 minutes and starting at 6:30 PM.

Can we pick which night we play?

On the registration form is a time conflict section.  There, you can cross out up to 50% of the game times that don't work for your team.  With the magnitude of teams, we will do our best to accommodate your requests (and we normally are able to do so).

Where are the games played?

Big Ben's 2-court facility at 2206 Westwood Ave, Richmond, VA 23230.  Check the "maps & directions" tab on the website.

How many games do we get to play?

It is an 8-game regular season, and everyone qualifies for playoffs - guaranteeing a minimum of nine games.

I need help deciding on what level to participate in the men's league.  Can you give me some advice on the various divisions?

There are now five levels of play for men.  Our Men's Divsion I is elite.  Most teams have multiple former college players, there is a lot of height on the rosters, and we try to keep this division on a limited basis.  For new teams to the league looking to play in Division I, we will do a quick follow-up to ensure this is the place for you. 

Division II is very competitive.  The amount of former college players is limited, but there are some spread out amongst the teams.  There isn't as much size, but the competition level is very high and would be considered an A-League in other adult rec leagues.

Our Division III is viewed as our recreational division, perfect for those that are looking to be competitive, but have a good time while the talent is scaled back. 

Our 30 & older league, and our newly-launched Corporate division should offer nice additional options, as well.

How many teams can I play on?

A male can participate on two open division teams - a Division 1 and Division 2 OR a Division 2 and Division 3.  You cannot participate in Division 3 if you participate in Division 1.  Males can also participate on a 30 & up team, as well as a Corporate division team and a CoEd team.  That said, the time conflicts will only allow us to make sure any two of your teams don't play at the same time.  If you play on 3, 4 or even 5 teams in a season, there won't be any guarantee that certain games won't conflict.  Females can play on both a Women's team and CoEd team, but not on a Men's team.

Is my entire league fee due at the pre-season captain's meeting?

No.  We must collect a minimum of 50% of the balance on the night of the registration deadline meeting, and we encourage full payments on that night.  If 50% of your balance isn't turned in on or prior to the meeting, then your team will lose their spot and be replaced by a team on the waiting list.  Your remaining team balance is due before the start of your team's second game. If paid in full prior the season tip-off, you'll receive the $40 discount mentioned above.

What is the penalty for late payments?

If the full balance is not paid by the team's second game, we will enforce a $25 late fee due (with your remaining balance) before your third game.  If your full balance + late fee is not completed by your third game, VAIL will enforce forfeits beginning with your fourth game.

What is the penalty for a forfeit?

Any forfeit without forewarning to the league commissioner will result in a $25 reinstatement penalty.  This fee will cover the opponent's & officials' expenses for showing up to the facility without a game taking place.

Does the league fee include VAIL jerseys?

No.  We offer VAIL t-shirts and jerseys sold separately.  The VAIL dri-fit t-shirts are $15/each and the mesh reversible jerseys are $20/each.  When you fill out the registration form and get to the jersey order section, indicate which type you want and the color that you prefer.  We will follow-up with you to confirm your jersey orders.

Do I need to submit a full roster before the season starts?

No.  All we need is the information required on the registration form.  The rosters will be filled out when players sign in on the VAIL scorecards at each game.

How late can I add players to my roster?

All rosters are frozen after teams' fifth regular season game.  Only players who have participated in at least one game up to that point will be eligible for the remainder of the season.

Can I sign up as an individual, or do I need to register an entire team?

While 95% of the sign-ups are team registrations, we do accept individual registrations.  Just fill out the individual form, and we will do the rest.  We will find a team for you that fits your level and time conflicts to the best of our ability.

If I have two or three people that want to play together, but we don't have enough for a full roster, can we all be placed together?

Yes.  Just sign up as an individual and include on the form the names of those you'd like to be placed with.  We will find a team or form a team that includes all of you.