Sports Websites & Services

Pricing Overview

HomeTeamz.com standard pricing is as follows..

Core Modules

 Website Manager Pro   $95 per year
 Team Management   free (unlimited teams)
 Tournament Management   free (unlimited tournaments)
 League Management   $10 per managed league per year
 Private URL Option   $30 per year
 Custom Services
  custom services such as custom logos, banner design, site
      conversions, etc. (quotations available on request)

Online Registration Module

 Base Module   1% of registration dollars transacted (min. $350 per year paid up front)
 Credit Card Handling Fees   2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction charged by Paypal
 Initial Forms Setup   quotations available on request, pending on level of customization

Field Management Module

 Base Module   $950 per year
 10 Fields/Locations   $100 per year per 10 fields/locations
 Initial Set-up   $350
 Custom Reports
  starts at $50 per year per custom report (custom report requirements
      can vary, quotations available on request)

Email Functionality

 Email Accounts   $50 per year per 10 email accounts
 Maillist Accounts   $50 per year per 5 maillist accounts
 Custom Email Form Pages
  starts at $50 per year per custom email form page (custom email form
      requirements can vary, quotations available on request)

Pricing FAQ's...

What is included in the Website Manager Pro base site price? The Website Manager Pro base site is the minimum cost to get your organization's website functioning. The base site price includes webmaster functions, Team Management Module, Tournament Management Module, and includes HomeTeamz.com Customer Support.

What defines a league? A league is considered a grouping of teams in a sports program - such as "5th Grade Softball", "10 Year-old Travel Soccer", or "Intermediate Football League". There are no limits to the number of sports programs (i.e. Football, Softball, Baseball, etc.) in your organization's site. Additionally, there are no limits to the number of teams, coaches, or players within one league. Finally, a league can consist of multiple divisions (such as American vs National) without additional charges.

What is a private URL option? A private URL is an option for your organization to own its very own web address - for example www.springfieldbaseballkidz.org. Private URLs are based on availability and you may have to so some searching to find a web address name that has not already been taken. If your organization already owns a private URL, it can be used for your new HomeTeamz.com site without additional charge. If you do not want a private URL option, your site will have a web address preceded by hometeamz.com - for example, www.hometeamz.com/springfieldbaseball. This is no extra charge.

What are custom services? Custom services can very depending on your organizational website needs. Common services are custom logo designs, banner creation, RSS data feeds, custom advertisements, initial site set-ups, or loading predefined data such as schedules, teams, or field information.